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Food Protection Solutions

Food Protection Solutions

Preferred by Home Delivery Consumers, Aptar Food + Beverage’s SeaWell™ Active Packaging Systems Passes ISTA and ASTM Testing

Proven to meet e-Commerce robustness standards and preferred by consumers, SeaWell™ systems maintain seafood quality, freshness and aesthetics during direct-to-consumer delivery. Atlanta, GA – Aptar [...]

Active Packaging Technology Improves Seafood Safety, Shelf Life

SeaWell Protective Active Packaging from Aptar Food + Beverage – Food Protection integrates technology that keeps excess liquid from accumulating around the seafood, reducing bacterial [...]

Staying Above Sea Level

As seen in ProFood World Magazine, October 2020 Issue: Staying Above Sea Level: The SeaWell packaging system extends shelf life and improves food safety of [...]

Packaging and COVID-19: How Has it Impacted the Industry?

As seen in Packaging Europe Magazine, August 2020 Issue: Packaging and COVID-19: How has it impacted the industry? The COVID-19 crisis has thrown the world [...]

Behind the Shield: Anti-microbial packaging defends fresh cut produce from harmful pathogens

As seen in ProFood World, June 2020 Issue: Behind the Shield: Anti-microbial packaging defends fresh-cut produce from harmful pathogens. Food safety often keeps processors up [...]

Active Packaging Functions Gain More Traction

As seen in Packaging Strategies, July 2020 Issue: Active Packaging Functions Gain More Traction: One solution was modified to work for foods as well as [...]

SeaWell™ Active Packaging Systems for Seafood Seek to Solve Long-Held Processor Problems

As seen in Seafood Processing Insider: ATLANTA, Georgia-based Aptar Food + Beverage spent over two decades developing food protection solutions and propriety active packaging systems [...]

Aptar Food + Beverage Announces Market Launch of SeaWell™, an Active Packaging System Designed to Maintain Seafood Quality and Freshness

The active packaging solution is now being utilized for a variety of seafood products at the largest retailer in the U.S. Atlanta, GA – Aptar [...]

At Seafood Expo, Maxwell Chase to Introduce First-of-its-Kind Packaging Solution for Extending Seafood Shelf Life

SEAWELL™ Seafood System, featuring next-generation patent-pending technology, to make world debut in Boston, March 11-13 Atlanta, GA – Maxwell Chase – a CSP Technologies, Inc. [...]

Maxwell Chase Technologies Achieved “AA” in BRC Packaging Certification  

Atlanta, GA – Maxwell Chase Technologies, LLC. has earned the prestigious BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification under the Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials Issue [...]

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