IceWrap® Frozen Hydrated Sheets

IceWrap® Brochure

A lightweight blanket with absorbent cells, when hydrated and frozen, keeps food dry and cold during shipping.

The cells of the blanket contain a super absorbent material, which when hydrated, produces a flexible gel that is trapped within each pocket or cell, creating a flexible “quilted” pattern that is frozen before use. The pads provide a uniform, cold, temperature blanket around the product during shipment. Providing a wider product coverage area, the pads are an ideal replacement for gel packs. Preferred by airlines and courier services to wet and dry ice, IceWrap® is used for shipping a variety of products including fresh and live seafood, fresh meat and poultry, fresh-cut fruits, vegetables and flowers.

IceWrap® is also used for medical, laboratory and therapeutic applications such as sport injuries, arthritis, etc.


  • Improved freshness
  • Reduced spoilage
  • Reduced weight loss, kept cold during shipping
  • Reduced shipping costs, stays colder longer
  • Reusable
  • Stays colder longer than wet ice, does not release fluids when thawed
  • Easy to use

IceWrap® vs. Gel Packs

  • More Flexible
  • Better coverage of the Product
  • Stays Colder Longer
  • Lighter than Gel Pack
  • Reduces Shipping Costs